If ALL are healthy, what will the Jazz record and seed be this upcoming season? TBIs Prediction: 4th seed, 52-30 Jazz made some moves this offseason 🔥 #THEBASKETBALLINSIDER #TBIGANG Follow @thebasketballinsider for more great content!!! @thebasketballinsider thebasketballinsider The Basketball Insider

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jordanmccoy52 - Jeffersonville 22’ 1 week ago

Honestly the ceiling for this team is the conference finals. Everyone isn't going to agree w that but I think if Donovan Mitchell can show up and prove himself to be a top 10 maybe even 5 sg in the league, Gobert does his thing on defense and Conley runs that offense well they could have a shot at possibly even making the finals. I know that's a stretch but it's there

aj20076 - Aj 1 week ago

3 seed 51-31 out in ECF to the la team(I think both la teams meet in round 2)

realjonahb - Jonah Brown-Demers 1 week ago

They have incredible depth and can make an adjustment to essentially any kind of offense. They also seem to be able to beat most defenses.