A great day for 'African startup', @jumianigeria at the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. The e-commerce company surged more than 75% on its first day as a public company. The stock opened at $14.50 per share and ended at $25.46. . . Source: Tekedia #Jumia #Jumiafaves #stockmarket #Amazon #Africa #trading #marketvalue #Business #Entrepreneur #BusinessOwner #Entrepreneurship #Startup #Africabusiness ##SmallBusinessOwner #Founder #SmallBusiness #Passion #CEO #Goals #shareholders #ecommerce #Success #Successful #NYSE #tradingday #EntrepreneuronFire #NaijaStartups @naijastartups naijastartups Naija Startups

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tobygoatel - Paul Grafton 3 months ago

Can someone please help me understand why this is so great? ARE there no other African start ups on NYSE? Would just like to better understand. Thanks

temi.toba - Temi Toba 3 months ago

Is Jumia really an African Startup? Incorporated in Germany, has its headquarters in Dubai with its central tech team based in Portugal, and as its IPO filing shows, will be listed in New York.

nicoleandgiovannisocks - Nicole & Giovanni 🐞 🇳🇬 | 🇺🇸 3 months ago

What exactly are we celebrating? A business that not even one African is on its board ? Hmmm let me not go into details cos if I do, no one will buy into it. Better we do our research so well before joining the wagon. Good luck to everyone buying into it. Well, who am I to say, I’m only a sock seller 🤣

mari_harrison1 - Mary 3 months ago

How long have I been on this trading journey now? I started in January 7th 2019. Since the beginning things have been very exciting, very intense but fun. I made up to $8000 with @kelvinstan332 in 1month plus

dlabi12 - dlabi12 3 months ago

Co founded by two French men, domiciled in Germany, not aware of any African in top management. But sells to Africans. I guess we are starting somewhere.