Balam may need a lumpectomy. Send help. @balam_says balam_says Balam Says

levitmack - mack levit 6 days ago

I like your balam and the storys that he is telling us. Can you make some new balam adventures ?

shadowolfhunter - SarahJane Heckscher 6 days ago

It may only be a lipoma, benign and generally harmless. Have they done a biopsy? Because unless it presents a danger, non-invasive is the way to go. I knew a labrador who had a very long (for a lab) and happy life despite the lipoma on her chest and the three, one of them huge, on her belly. Hugs and love any way. 💜💜🐈

mnhodges9199 - 6 days ago

All you need is a scalpel and a lot of brown liquor (the booze are for both of you).😂😻

leroys.mama - leroys.mama 6 days ago

Oh, he has that cat-shaped tumor, again. Poor guy! 🙀😹😹😹(Mama had one of those, once, shaped like a husband. But, a lawyer removed it, and she's been happily single ever since.)