Семейное фото😻 Вот кого я люблю обнимать ,обнимать и обнимать 🖤🖤🖤🖤 @ania839 ania839 𝓐𝓷𝓲𝓪️️️

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corazza_franco - Franco Corazza 6 months ago

Good evening sweet and delicious girl. I hope that you spent a peaceful day. I hope you will always have true love to give to all sincere people who love you. You are your value, your potential, your talent, you just have to find a way back to download all of your horses to the ground, as the car faster on the market. Anyway go for your life, you deserve all the love around you because you have sown well and get well. This is life: to transform the anger into positive energy. In life you learn what are the good and the bad, the beautiful people and the ugly. Then you do the choice. Be proud to be as you are and life will go next. Who loves you supports you, who doesn't love you judge you. Get help and get pampered; but, above all, charging soon the battery when you are on the ground, because your star will shine once more. Pamper your loved ones when they need to. The lord has given us a talent, so pull it out of your love towards your loved ones and work hard to stay well. Put all of the energy every day. When you have problems, use all your energy, so you will be able to say I have fallen many times but I have always done, in the face of who I want to be evil.I hope you will move you to joy for the next beautiful days that you will spend with your loved ones. This is the true life. Love is what makes us live. We know it well, but we don't know where it comes from; because it is a great mystery that no one knows how to explain it to you. The important is that be true love in any form. This is the life. Be the strongest of hatred and let yourself be swept away by love. The union is strength and so we walk together in the company. I hope you will always have the love to support you.

kirichuk_o - OlKirichuk 5 months ago

На одного из моих похож). А я верил что он уникален😢